Scheduled Maintenance

Our staff provides a variety of landscape services, which also include regular maintenance programs. It is our vision to provide quality upkeep that is dependable and professional. When you choose New Leaf Landscaping, you are opting for the highest level of experience and expertise. Our crew is thoroughly trained and professional. Where feasible, crews are trained to alternate mowing patterns so that lawn tracks and wear marks are limited.

Spring Clean Up

Our spring clean-up services include the removal of all leaves, branches, and embedded lawn debris. For most accounts we check gutters for debris that might have settled there over the winter. We sharpen bed edges and prepare the entire yard for mulching and the regular maintenance program.

New Leaf Landscaping Inc
New Leaf Landscaping Inc


Dethatching requires removal of a matted dead grass layer from the lawn, to help maintain healthy looking landscape. Allowing the lawn to breath and take in needed nutrients, a healthy lawn is the best defense from weed infiltration.


Once you engage our services, we assure you to take care of all your lawn needs. Our experts would assess your lawn and draw a plan to meet your requirements. We offer both standard and organic programs. Standard programs include pH adjustment, pre-emergent weed control, grub control and spot spraying of weeds with every visit.

New Leaf Landscaping Inc
New Leaf Landscaping Inc

Tick & Mosquito Control

Like our fertilizer program, we offer standard and organic tick & mosquito control. Enjoy your outdoor living space without the annoyance of ticks and mosquitos and keep your family and four legged friends safe too.

Fall Clean Up

Our fall cleanups are very thorough. Standard cleanups include cleaning and checking gutters and getting all of the leaves and embedded acorns and/or material out of the lawn and beds. We also work hard to accommodate the various scheduling needs of customers. Many customers want to make sure their yard is looking its best and able to be fully utilized for Thanksgiving Day gatherings, other customers want to wait until the last leaf falls.

New Leaf Landscaping Inc